The listings below will tell you about bookings we've taken where our vans will be either only partially filled, or empty on their return journey. Make use of these and you can make some incredible savings!


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Standby Service


Your stuff can hitch a ride

If you have something you need to move a long way, but for as little money as possible, you've come to exactly the right place. 


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Student Moves... eBay delivery solutions... European... discounts for shared vans and back-loads... Man and Van... Movers... Business delivery! So, you've scooped the bargain of the century on e-bay. The only problem is that you're in London How are you going get them from A to B without your bargain turning into an expensive nightmare?

The buzzVans Standby service lists jobs and deliveries we are scheduled to do where we have free space available in our vans, either on the outward or return leg of long distance journeys we're undertaking. Share a van and you pay less money - it's very, very simple.

The buzzVans strategy of pooling odd items drastically cuts the amount of unnecessary exhaust fumes. Just one run from Glasgow to London on a grouped basis took 967 miles to deliver for everyone in the group. Had those clients travelled in individual hire vans, their cumulative mileage would have been around 7800 miles!!

Not only was this environmentally friendly to the world but also very friendly to to their respective pockets with each of them saving £350-£500 (YES THOSE FIGURES ARE RIGHT!!). Now you can help save the world AND save cash.